Project FEVER - Fostering Vehicle Expansion in the Rockies

Electric Ride logoThis Colorado Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan (Plan) is the final product of Project FEVER. The Plan provides the framework for Colorado to become a first-tier market for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), transportation technology, and PEV charging infrastructure. A thriving and competitive PEV marketplace is imperative for the economic, social, and environmental well-being of Colorado. By becoming a first-tier PEV market, Colorado has the opportunity to create:

   • A transportation sector fueled by domestic electricity sources

   • A thriving economy that attracts new business and creates more jobs in key sectors for the state, including energy, manufacturing, transportation, and construction; and

   • Improved air quality, particularly in high density areas.

Based on the participation and input of a vast consortium of industry partners, this Plan provides an analysis of the Colorado PEV market and consumers, an assessment of current market barriers, and strategies to optimize growth. With this clear picture of the remaining challenges and opportunities, the Colorado PEV market is ready to launch.

At the beginning of 2013, Colorado was home to approximately 1,300 PEVs and more than 70 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVSE) as well as a wide variety of industry stakeholders invested in the PEV future. As vehicle technology and market factors continue to increase the ability of PEVs to meet consumer demands, PEV adoption will continue to grow.

In Colorado, sales and market forecasts project that PEVs will see significant growth over the next 2-12 years, with up to 10.2% of the light duty fleet being PEVs in 2025. The most immediate need to accommodate this expected shift towards electric transportation is the charging infrastructure to power the vehicles. With the participation of many stakeholders, Colorado can create a strong network of EVSE infrastructure that is cost-effective, highly utilized, and truly serves the entire state.

In addition to deploying a robust charging network, creating a first-tier market also requires strengthening the underlying pillars of the PEV market and establishing a far-reaching groundwork to support long-term market growth. These pillars are represented in this Plan as 7 issue areas: Education and outreach, Permitting and Installation, Local Ordinances, Fleets, Policy, Regulatory and Utility, and Emissions Impact.

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