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The Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition (DMCCC) is a neutral consult for organizations wanting to learn more about alternative fuels and petroleum reduction strategies for their vehicle fleets. Since 1993, the DMCCC has been working locally to displace petroleum in the transportation sector in order to increase our energy security, support our domestic economy, and improve air quality for the benefit of public health and the environment. Administered out of the American Lung Association in Colorado, DMCCC highlights the connection between vehicle emissions and public health:

Clean Fuels. Clean Air. Clean Lungs. Clean Cities.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, Clean Cities has access to a national network of over 20,000 stakeholder organizations, technical tools and resources developed by national labs, and over 20 years of experience in the industry. Though, we operate on a very local basis, working with 140 local stakeholder organizations covering governments, utilities, private fleets, fuel providers, station developers, automakers, dealerships, and many more. Together, we provide tacit knowledge about deploying alternative fuels in Colorado.

Ultimately, the DMCCC is the go-to resource for anything related to alternative transportation in the Denver Metro area. Have a question? You can trust that we’ll answer it, or find the right person who can. That is the power of Clean Cities!

Workplace Charging: Get Your Workplace Plugged-In

HP’s Browyn Pierce, Global Real Estate Sustainability Program Manager, gives a run down on the benefits and considerations of‪ ‎workplace charging at a global company.

Deciding to install electric vehicle (EV) workplace charging has a number of positive outcomes:

  • It helps employers attract high-quality applicants and retain important employees, acting as a competitive employee benefit
  • It improves public image, leading to more publicity and potentially increasing client and customer-bases
  • It reduces the perception of range anxiety, a major barrier to EV adoption
  • Community members will be gracious for the improved air quality and health benefits as employees ditch their gas-guzzlers and switch to zero tailpipe emission EVs
  • Businesses who switch their fleet to EVs will reduce their bottom-line as fuel expenses become a thing of the past

To learn more about workplace charging and how it can benefit your business check out Driving Change.

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